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March 21, 2006



I ran your name through the anagram engine at:http://www.geocities.com/goanagrams/flargeenglishdict.html

Some of my favorites:Angered shyly gal, Alleged angry shy,Elderly nagy shag,Greenly sadly hag,Learnedly shaggy,and (of course)Adrenally egg shy. Check it out. Hours of fun, if you like anagraming...


I always thought you were a gemini.


No wonder I like you so much! :-) Gemini's are my favorite sign outside of Aquarius, of course.

Do you know what time and where you were born? Let me know and I can tell you your ascendant sign.

Marly Mathews

Hey Sydney,

I'm a proud Gemini, but I have no idea what my ascendant sign is....


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