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May 09, 2006


anonymous user

Hi. Once when it was raining I wished it would rain harder and it did. I then wished that it wouldn't rain quite as hard. Then I wished it would rain harder again but I couldn't make it stop raining. Does this mean I have atmokinesis or hydrokinesis or what?


I am blind. So, I want to learn how to create rain, hail, snow, sleet, thunder, lightning, strong wind, and temperature. Can you please email me as soon as possable at [email protected]

tera gold

i have no symptoms of atmokskinesis.yet i want to be an strong atmoskinesis.

Justin Allan Green

I need some advice on how to use atmokinesis and atmoskinesis.


ok,can anyone give me some basic ideas on thermokinesis and electrokinesis,please. mail me in [email protected]


hiya, my name is jamie, i dunno but im not sure wether this is witchcraft or a psychic ability you tell me, i was in school and i heard voices talking to me,no joke, and then wen i went outside, the wind blow straight in my face and the next thing ino, the sky went dark, its scary stuff and need ur help, but one moring wen i woke up i felt scared bout wot happened the day b4, and al of a sudden the sky wen rainy and it said it was sunny on the broadcast!! but i do have a past with witchcraft plz tell me wot u think.


hey, cavouku
can you give me your tips on those 3 kinesis.i hope you'll do it.or you can write to me on [email protected] or [email protected] i hope you'll do it soon.bye.


I've got a theory. If you can learn 3 kinesis' first, atmokinesis would be safer and easier.

1; Thermokinesis, for the difference between ice and rain.

2; Aerokinesis, for clouds, wind patterns, etc.

3; Hydrokinesis, for rain and clouds, other related things.

my next post will explain directions to learn these. If it matters to anyone, that is.


Hi, I just wanted to know how I can practice atmokinesis because I love the weather, especially the rain and the wind.
For some strange reason I sometimes feel connected to the weather like to a certain degree I part of it. If anybody has advice or tips please post it at my address.I would really like to learn atmokinesis.


thank you for your sincere help. but i still have doubt that can i do it? and on the top hand, how to create a rain or anything cayse i didn't understand it clearly.please clarify.thak you.


Hi, Chandra.

From everything I've read, there needs to be a certain amount of natural ability there to improve upon. However, there are different opinions about this. Take a look at this website http://dewarlorx.com/terms.htm. They've got tons of infos and advice.

I hope that helps!



i have no symptoms of atmokskinesis.yet i want to be an strong atmoskinesis.please tell me what exersice must i follow and whether is it possible?

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